Join New Challenge as NCFE Online Assessor!

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We are now looking to recruit highly experienced and professionally qualified Assessors to join our friendly team at New Challenge.

Our programmes are accredited by NCFE and include the following courses:

• Level 2 Certificate in Information, Advice or Guidance

• Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills

• Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health in the Workplace

The role of the Assessor is to support the candidate and to make informed judgements about the range of evidence the candidate has produced, which should demonstrate their competence to meet the assessment criteria as detailed in the NCFE Qualification.

Specification, including one or more of the following qualifications:

I▪IT User Skills; Information, Advice or Guidance, Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health in the Workplace. Main Duties and Responsibilities

▪ Supporting and assessing learners on accredited learning programmes such as Awards and Certificates and occasionally stand-alone units from Level 1 Level 2 qualifications.

▪ Providing constructive assessment feedback to learners to ensure they are supported throughout their learning.

▪ The establishing and maintaining effective relationship with learners that promotes the successful achievement of the learner’s qualification and programme within the agreed timescale.

▪ To complete learner programmes in a timely and accurate manner and ensure program delivery is planned to meet the company’s profile

▪ To regularly report to management on the progress of candidates.

▪ To ensure the confidentiality and security of all the centre’s documentation and information.

▪ Using e-Assessor or similar online assessment platforms effectively as a means of sharing with and receiving work from learners and providing feedback to them, as well as a tool for communication.

▪ Compliance with ESFA, FE Partners, and other authorities with respect to policy and procedures associated with Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

▪ Compliance with ESFA and Awarding Organisation with respect to administration documentation.

▪ Management of own continual professional development to ensure currency with chosen area of occupation.

The Assessor must:

▪ Ensure they have an up-to-date Awarding Body Qualification Specification to assist them in the delivery of the qualification before starting delivery.

▪ Explain to the candidate before the programme commences the content and requirements of the programme so that the candidate is fully aware of their responsibilities. Together they should agree timescales for completion. They can use a candidate action plan and unit feedback document to record the units the candidates will complete and how they will be assessed.

▪ Review the candidate’s progress and provide them with regular feedback, both verbal and written, which must be documented. The Assessor should set an action plan for the candidate to work through and should give specific deadlines to help the candidate complete the course by the deadline. The Assessor should also review any reasonable adjustments and special considerations during the course of the programme.

▪ Complete Awarding Organisation documents related to qualification registration and achievement.

▪ Ensure learners understand how to use e-Assessor or similar online assessment platforms to access their work, complete their assignments and submit their work for assessment.

▪ Develop individual learning plans for each student that fully supports the agreed timescales of their qualification.

▪ Maintain accurate records of individual learner progress by way of regular progress reviews in line with organisation and Awarding Body guidelines.

▪ Manage their own diary so that they effectively support their caseload of learners from start to finish of their training programmes.

▪ Establish and maintain excellent working relationships with learners.

▪ Demonstrate a proactive approach to minimising any barriers to their learners by implementing additional support in a timely manner that promotes their achievement.

▪ Hold regular standardisation meetings and document the minutes with the Internal Moderator.

▪ Comply with IQA standards and participate in IQA activities with a willingness to gain qualifications where needed.

▪ Keep up to date with any changes made to Awarding Body processes or procedures, and the content of the Awarding Body Qualification Specification

▪ Be included in the external moderation visit and ensure any past actions have been carried out.

▪ Assist in carrying out actions or recommendations following the external moderation visit.

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