IAG Level 2 Course review

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We are so honored to have this fantastic review of our Information, Advice, and Guidance course from our wonderful student Richard! “I’d been observing for some time how so many people in our society need help.  I wanted to learn some … Continued

Inclusion in teaching adults

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As adults, we all know that learning is an ongoing process. We are constantly looking for ways to further our education and gain new skills and knowledge. But in today’s world of ever-changing technology, it can be difficult to keep … Continued

The importance of giving feedback

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Providing feedback to students is a crucial aspect of the learning process. It is an integral part of teaching that helps students to develop their skills, knowledge, and abilities. Constructive feedback can be a powerful tool in shaping and enhancing … Continued

How to help people re-enter the workforce?

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Unemployment is a significant problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Whether due to economic downturns, technological advancements or company layoffs, individuals who lose their jobs often face significant challenges in finding new employment opportunities. Although government programs and systems … Continued