Our mission is to provide you with the high quality, professionally delivered, information, advice & guidance (IAG) you need to make positive changes in your life around employment, learning and skills.

Our Values

New Challenge’s values are:

  • Customer service – providing customers with an excellent, professional careers guidance service that meets their needs
  • Quality – to continually monitor and improve the service we deliver to our customers
  • Inclusivity – meeting the needs of all customers, in line with our Equal Opportunities policy
  • Impartiality – providing a service to customers that serves their best interests
  • Respect – delivering a service that respects individuals and treats them with professionalism, empathy and dignity
  • Enabling – helping our customers to progress into sustained work or appropriate vocational skills training
  • Engagement – engaging with stakeholders to ensure that services delivered meet the objectives set out in local and regional development plans
  • Transparency – providing a service that is open to inspection and meets financial probity standards set out by stakeholders
  • Confidentiality – providing a service that has at its core customer confidentiality
  • Partnership – working in partnership with organisations that share our vision and service objectives to develop and deliver innovative programmes that support our customer groups and meet the objectives of our stakeholders and employers

Our Commitment

Our ongoing commitment is four-fold:

  • To our customers – to provide a professional, supportive service that takes account of our customers’ needs and helps them to achieve their employment and skills goals whilst continuously striving to improve the service by taking account of customer feedback and building recommendations into the service
  • To our employees – to recognise their invaluable contribution to the success of the company and to appreciate that by helping them to develop their professional excellence, the service will continuously develop and improve. This will be done through:
    • Providing and supporting professional development
    • Listening to staff feedback through regular team meetings and via the appraisal process
    • Recognising staff development and improvement through fair and just reward that recognises the individual contribution of team members
  • To our stakeholders (funding bodies) – to meet and surpass the goals and objectives set out by our funding partners and to do this in accordance with the delivery budgets
  • To our employers – to ensure that they receive an excellent service, in terms of receiving appropriate candidates who meet their requirements, thereby helping them to achieve their business objectives

As a result, we will achieve our objective of supporting unemployed and economically inactive Londoners from some of the most deprived communities, to achieve their goals of improving their skills, securing sustained employment and making a better future for themselves.