The Benefits of Expert Career Support

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We are not always aware of the support that is available out there to help guide us in our career decision-making, often because we don’t feel the need to consult a professional about our next move. But take a moment to consider. If you could receive information, advice and guidance from a professionally qualified Careers Adviser, why hesitate to do so? Perhaps you think it will cost a lot? – think again; our service is free as it is funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

Perhaps you think careers advice is only for school and university students? Our services are actually open to adults aged 18+ with no upper age limit. Did you know that most people will spend around 90,000 hours at work (not including commuting), which is a significant amount of time. Doesn’t it make sense that careers advice and guidance should be something we all have access to throughout our careers, not just at the very start of our learning and work journey. 

You may think that you have always worked in one particular type of job and you will find your next job doing exactly the same thing but with a different company. Consider this though; the job market is going through rapid change due to technological advances, so the job you may have been doing over the past 10 years may not be there soon.  If you wish to discuss any of your career-related questions, for example, how to create a professional CV, or what advice and guidance is available to you so, that you excel at your next interview, then please call us to make an appointment on 020 8795 3999.
Alternatively, you can book an appointment to meet with one of our professionally qualified Careers Advisers online, using the form on our website or emailing: