How to have a successful interview

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Having a successful interview requires preparation, research, confidence and genuine interest in the company and your role.

Here are some tips for your new challenge:

  • Research the industry, the company, the team and the exact person who is going to interview you. The more you know and are prepared for, the more comfortable and confident you will feel
  • Think carefully and clearly about why you want to get the job and why hiring you will be beneficial for the company
  • Reflect on your strong features, experience and soft skills but be equally prepared for the question: “What are your weaknesses”?
  • Practice a short pitch about yourself. You can do it by the mirror or record yourself or ask a friend or family member 
  • Make a list of the questions you want to ask your future employer and go take the opportunity to do so
  • Take the interview as a conversation of two equal people interested in each other. Be open, be confident, be curious.
  • Dress professionally in line with the company’s dress code; whether it is formal or informal.
  • Have a good sleep and a healthy breakfast before your interview in order to feel energised.