How to start a new role and learn new skills

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Starting a new job can be a bit stressful, though psychologists call it eustress, which is good for you in contrast to distress. 

Most people adapt to their new role and workplace within a month. Here are some strategies that might be useful to help you:

  1. Take your time, adapt and get to know the company. Many organisations have induction programmes for their new employees.
  2. Be focused from the first day, as you definitely will have to learn a lot of new things, go through the instructions and misunderstanding potentially 
  3. Discuss your new job with your relatives and friends
  4. Making mistakes is inevitable once you start something new. Learn from them and ask your colleagues for help and advice. 
  5. Empathy is the key. Get to know your new colleagues and customers, talk to them, have a cup of tea together. Work is a big part of our life and it’s great to enjoy it and the people around you.
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